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Abs Casaus is a Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry at Leeds Dental Hospital and Honorary Clinical Lecturer. He graduated with a Bachelor in Dental Surgery degree in 2009 at the University of Birmingham. After gaining experience in general practice and the community dental service, Abs undertook his specialist training in Paediatric Dentistry in Birmingham. He has been a registered specialist in this field since 2016 and has continued his training to consultant level. Abs was awarded a Fellowship in Paediatric Dentistry at the Royal College of Surgeons, England and is currently working as a Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry at the Birmingham Dental Hospital and Community Dental Services in the surrounding areas. Through this role he is actively involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.

How Are We Different?

RESTORE Dental Specialists are rewriting the script when it comes to children’s dentistry. Unique to the region, we have in an in-house dedicated Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry who is also a Consultant at the Leeds Dental Hospital.

  • RESTORE are proud to be a referral practice: for general dental practitioners who entrust their child dental patients’ care to us.
  • Multidisciplinary Dental Care: our Paediatric Dentistry Consultant will work closely with our Orthodontics and Restorative team, to offer early interventional brace treatment in cases where this is required. This would include management and treatment of dental disorders due to congenital and acquired dental defects, which should be treated early to avoid future complex work.
  • Extended Flexible Hours: our practice is open on a flexible hours basis to fit the need of our child patients and their parents.
  • Child friendly environment: our fun-filled ambiance puts children immediately at ease and ensures they look forward to their appointments.
  • Tooth Brushing Academy in Barnt Green: in conjunction with our gum specialist, our paediatric dentistry specialist will be running this academy to get your kids to love brushing.

Paediatric Dentistry treatments offered at Restore include:

  • Children’s Orthodontics
  • Prevention and Protection: Fluoride Varnish, Dental Sealants, Digital X-ray and Sports Guards
  • Treating and Restoring: Fillings, Children Crowns, Root Canals, Space maintainer
  • Sedation Service: Inhalation and IV Sedation
  • Emergency Treatment: Including dental trauma

Poor dental health impacts children’s lives

At RESTORE, health matters to us, poor dental health impacts not just on the individual’s health but also their wellbeing and that of their family. Children who have toothache or who need treatment may have pain, infections and difficulties with eating, sleeping and socialising.

Dental health has a direct relationship with systemic health

The Global Burden of Disease study (2010) found that most disability amongst 5 to 9 year olds in the UK was caused by poor oral health. An average of 2.24 hours of children’s healthy lives was lost for every child aged 5 to 9 years because of poor oral health. This exceeded the level of disability associated with vision loss (1.64 hours), hearing loss (1.77 hours) and type 2 diabetes (1.54 hours).

At RESTORE our objectives are to:

  • Ensure that in the early years children have access to evidence based oral health improvement training with our dental specialist team
  • Ensure oral health data and information is used to the best effect by all
  • Ensure child oral health improvement information is communicated effectively with early intervention with other dental specialties or medical specialties if needed.
  • Provide specialist level care for children suffering with Dental Traumatic injuries based on International Association of Dental Traumatology.
  • Provide bespoke Consultant led complex treatment for children suffering with congenitally missing teeth, and acquired dental defects such as Amelogenesis Imperfecta and Dentinogenesis Imperfecta including other intrinsic teeth discolorations.

Meet our Paediatric Dentistry Specialist

Our Specialist, Abs Casaus, has had his work recognised internationally through the award of numerous prizes from prestigious bodies such as the International Association of Paediatric Dentistry, International Association of Dental Traumatology and European Society of Endodontics.

Specialist Referrals

For our Dentist Partners:

If you would like to refer your patient to RESTORE for PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY treatment, you can be assured that your patient will be in very experienced hands.

We particularly welcome anxious patients or patients with special needs, and instill confidence in parents whose children present with complex cases or medical conditions.

We’ve worked hard to create a relaxing, welcoming environment that creates positive associations with dental visits.

Once treatment is successfully completed, the patient will be returned to you for continued care at your practice.

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