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Dental Implant Solutions for different problems

Are you missing one tooth?

If you are missing a single tooth, one implant and a crown can replace both the lost natural tooth and its root.

  • For a missing tooth, the most long-lasting, effective and aesthetic looking replacement is without doubt a single dental implant.
  • Dental implants are placed into your jaw bone to provide a solid artificial ‘root’ for a replacement tooth.The tooth will be perfectly shaped and colour-matched to blend in with your surrounding teeth. Once in place, they are as strong as a natural tooth and have the potential to last a considerable amount of time.
A Single Implant

A Single Implant

  • Suitable for 1 missing tooth.
  • Looks and functions like regular teeth once fitted.
  • A high-quality definitive solution.
  • Excellent option for missing single tooth.
  • No concerns about the tooth falling out whilst talking or eating.
  • Cost Effective option in longer term.

Are you missing several teeth?

If you are missing more than one tooth there are different options available.

  • Individual implants placed to replace your missing teeth.
  • Joining two or more implants together to replace multiple missing teeth. The implants provide the support for a bridge that will span the space of the missing teeth.
  • A removable retained denture – an option is available when you are missing all your upper or lower teeth. A few implants will be required to hold a denture securely in place, providing a great improvement from traditional removable dentures. This will give you a life changing transformation enabling you to eat all foods and smile confidently.
Multiple Implants

Multiple Implants

  • Suitable for between 2-5 missing teeth per arch.
  • Multiple teeth can be placed on individual implants to save cost.
  • A high-quality definitive solution.
  • Could use in patients with denture problems or to avoid a removable partial denture.

Do you need a full mouth reconstruction?

In some circumstances patients find themselves with no teeth, or a set of failing teeth.

  • In these cases we can completely restore your smile. It is the gold standard treatment for replacing several or all your missing teeth.
  • At RESTORE our implant dentists determine a full arch reconstruction would be suitable for you. X-rays and 3D imaging is used along with precision planning and design.
Full Arch Replacement

Full Arch Replacement

  • A complete restoration solution.
  • Looks and functions like regular teeth once fitted.
  • Teeth can be designed & shaded to patients requirements.
  • A high-quality definitive solution & a lifetime comfort.
  • Could use in patients with denture problems or to avoid a removable complete denture.
  • Single Implant

  • Implant Dentures

  • Full Arch Implants

How will I be cared for?

Throughout your implant experience at RESTORE will be cared for by our team of dentists with a special interest in dental implants, skilled nurses, and technicians. We are always on hand to offer advice, support, guidance and full after-care.

How are Fees paid?

At your initial visit a plan of treatment will be devised and fees determined.

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