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Referring your patient to a practice you can trust

At RESTORE we support practices requiring all dental specialist services, including: Endodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Restorative Dentistry, Paediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics, Oral Surgery and Dental Implants.

  • Our objective is to provide the treatments that you require, and then return your patient to your practice.
  • Access to our multidisciplinary team facilitates communication and management for complex treatments.The specialists at the practice have many years of treating complex cases and have gained substantial expertise in their fields.
  • Our referring practitioners have access to our educational events, online resources, and the use of the practice facilities for combined treatments.
  • We greatly value the relationship between patient and dentist. RESTORE can support and ensure the referring dentist maintains this relationship with the patient by offering our expertise in specific areas.

Our Philosophy

At RESTORE we believe that excellent care begins with meeting a patient, then exceeding the expectations of that patient. We aim to deliver a completely personalised service in a relaxed and stress-free environment, using the most advanced equipment, materials and techniques.

Specialist Treatments for Referral

  • Referred patients will not be accepted for any treatment other than that which the referring dentist has requested.
  • Following treatment, we will return the patient to the referring dentist.
  • All patients will be given treatment options and advice so that they can make an informed choice.
  • A comprehensive treatment plan/report will be provided and sequence of treatment discussed.
  • All patients will be provided with an estimate fee for their treatment.
  • Post treatment completion management strategies and any maintenance will be communicated to both the patients and the referring dentist.
  • We will provide support to both your patient and to the referring practitioner throughout the treatment.
Restorative Dentistry & Prosthodontics referrals

Our values are to be collaborative with our referring practitioners to assist their patient in treatment of cases such as tooth wear, full mouth rehabilitation cases including occlusal rehabilitation, partially dentate and edentulous cases involving partial and complete dentures with advanced resorption and or unsuccessful previous attempts. We work with referring dentist under shared-care approach principle, where treatments referring practitioner is comfortable is provided by them whilst we can perform the complex part of treatment. We will inform the practitioner with a proposed treatment plan and sequence of treatment so that everybody feels involved.

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Periodontal referrals

Specialist services in periodontist offers a range of treatment depending on the needs of the patient.  Our periodontal treatments are very often geared to pragmatic management of deteriorating conditions, to allow the referring practitioner to progress towards successful reconstruction of the dental arch. However, we are also keen to provide treatment for recession defects including periodontal plastic surgery and grafting around teeth, pontics, or implant sites and management of peri-implant disease/s.

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Endodontic referrals

Our objective is to provide optimal treatment using the latest technology to ensure a rapid, comfortable and minimally invasive process, using an evidenced based approach under magnification. We will be able to assist our referring practitioners in cases such as sclerosed canal, re-root canal treatment, endodontic surgery, repair or perforation cases, internal or external root resorption, removal of post or separated instruments, including treatment of dental trauma in young and adult patients.

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Orthodontic referrals

We pride ourselves in taking a patient-centred approach to improving the appearance of your patient’s smile and, where appropriate improve the function of their bite.

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Oral Surgery referrals

Specialist services in Oral Surgery includes non-surgical and surgical removal of impacted 3rd molars, or fractured teeth/roots, cyst enucleation, oral antral fistula treatment, surgical assistance to referring practitioners prior to their implant treatment such as sinus augmentation, and complex bone grafting etc.

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Paediatric Dentistry referrals

Specialist service in Paediatric Dentistry are available for children suffering from complex dental problems, medical problems, trauma, anxiety or dental phobia. We are of course also delighted to see children for routine dental care and maintenance.

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Implant Dentistry referrals

Whether providing single tooth treatments or assisting with complex full-arch reconstructions requiring elaborate grafting, we are pleased to provide surgical or prosthodontic expertise as well as mentoring for practitioners wishing to further develop their skills in Implant Dentistry. We are happy to be involved at the earliest stages of treatment planning and will assist with case preparation and scheduling.Our goal is that patients should return to your practice for the prosthodontic phase of treatment, although it is always our pleasure to provide prosthodontic input or training, and advice on all aspects of restorative care.

Refer a Patient

1. Referral Stage

  • Referrals can be made via our online secure referral form or by post. Should you decide to send us your referral by Post, please download the Patient Referral Form below and post it at the address provided.
  • Once we are in receipt of your referral, your patient will be contacted within 24 hours, and will be offered to make a consultation appointment.
  • Following a detailed clinical and radiographic [if additional investigations required] assessment;options of treatments, proposed treatment plan and treatment sequence will be discussed in detail with your patient.
  • A comprehensive full report of this consultation or during treatment will be sent to the referring dentist and patient will also receive a written estimate of the fees involved.

2. Treatment Stage

  • When the patient is ready to proceed with their treatment we will make all necessary appointments and will endeavour to send you regular report on the progress of your patient.
  • The patient is always reminded of the necessity to continue to visit you, their general dental practitioner, for regular examination and treatment.

3. Discharge Stage

  • After the completion of your patient’s treatment at RESTORE, we will advise your patient that they are discharged from our care and we will send you their discharge summary including any maintenance care that they may require with their dentist.

4. Support

  • Once your patient is discharged back to you, we will continue to provide advice and support to you and your patient as per your requirements.

How to refer a patient

If you would like to refer your patient to RESTORE you can be assured that your patient will be in very experienced hands.

Once treatment is successfully completed, the patient will be returned to you for continued care at your practice.

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